Update on “Coronavirus” Outbreak

We inform all our customers, partners and suppliers that Fluorseals’offices and production
facilities remain operational.

The most recent and restrictive limitations, regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, introduced by the Italian Government, through an explanatory note of the Prime Ministerial Decree issued on March 22nd, 2020, allow our company to continue its activity, since our products have been classified as essential to the functioning of the supply chains that cannot be interrupted.

We are proud of our corporate function, aware of the importance of our work for the market and especially for the economy of our country. Just as we are proud of our employees who add to their professional technical skills an important and fundamental dedication to their work.

In order to guarantee the safety of our production process and provide reliable answers to our
partners, the purpose committee set up by Fluorseals Spa remains operational, for:

The health and safety of our employees and everyone in contact with our facilities is our primary concern. As part of a very sensitive approach to corporate welfare, health protection will continue to be an increasingly significant part of our corporate sensitivity in the future.

Once again, we must remember that the continuous evolution of health protection may lead to other changes in the state of affairs, which we must communicate to everyone as soon as possible.

Our team remains fully available and will continue to operate in full support of your business, with optimism and determination.

Best regards,
Fabio Saladini
General Manager
Fluorseals Spa